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I am Joe Danneberg and I am the founder of Matt Black Decor and Design.

Growing up on a farm and spending most of my time outdoors laid the foundation for creativity and design. Throughout my childhood, I spent hours exploring nature, looking for treasure in untouched waterfalls. I remember the curiosity I felt when mixing different types of soil and sand as well as touching natural elements, appreciating their contours, the textures and tones.

I grew up in a minimalistic but creative atmosphere with parents that revelled in nature and the outdoors.

I remember the constant flow of conversations my mother had about creating new furniture pieces, I also remember frowning at some of her furniture and secretly rearranging the house! Looking back now, I realize that I have been creating and designing in my heart, all my life.

Seeing Matt Black established was a lifelong dream that has now turned into rewarding reality. I am now able to create premium, stylish furniture at affordable prices. This allows me to help every client transform their space into something truly beautiful.

We get to work with happy clients. The joy they feel for their Matt Black furniture has humbled me in more ways than I could ever imagine. I cannot take any credit as this has been out of Abba's hand. Matt Black is something that God created, its been part of me all my life and I honour Him for allowing me to be the steward of Matt Black Design & Décor.

Matt Black is minimalistic,  simplistic and unique. We love clean lines and our aim is authentic, timeless style while not forgetting practicality that accommodates modern family lifestyles.

We first started with coffee tables and furniture but now have expanded to sofas, rugs, upholstered beds, dining room furniture, wall prints, wallpaper as well as other pieces. We love engaging with our clients and offer personalized guidance for residential and commercial projects.

Matt Black has two beautiful showrooms - one in Durbanville, Cape Town & one in Randburg, Johannesburg.

Feel free to make an appointment, we love hosting clients to see and feel our pieces.

We are very thankful for all the support and look forward to help create more modern havens throughout South Africa.

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